Virtual Offshore Captive Centre engagement model that we transformed.

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The traditional outsourcing model (Process-Centric Outsourcing) has been transformed by us into “Virtual Offshore Captive Centre” for our clients to enable them to experience better control over process/project management, robust governance and substantial cost savings. This Engagement Model encapsulates all the advantages of ‘Offshore Captive Centre’ as well as conventional ‘third party outsourcing’ without undergoing the perils of setting up its own entity in offshore jurisdictions. This model ensures greater strategic value and builds up long term strategic client relationships through active collaboration with the client. In short, this model is a collaborative partnership model than a vendor model. This model, in-fact, is a modified version of “Co-managed Outsourcing model / Co-sourcing model”.


Under this model, the Clients collaborate with us as a partner and like the traditional outsourcing model, outsource the process or a set of processes to us, while taking the full responsibility of process/project management and transition of the process. In today’s complex IT world, the quality and timely delivery of the Process outsourced are the key concerns and hold paramount importance. As the client assumes the responsibility of process/project management through our assistance, the client will have a higher degree of control over the manpower and resources deployed by us for the execution of the outsourced process/project in a more effective and efficient manner. This will help our client get enhanced competitive advantage and strategic value through enhanced productivity, cost effectiveness, better performance management and continuous process improvement.


This Model is a type of strategic partnership, where both the entities work together and leverage their expertise & resources. This Robust Engagement Model ensures cost effectiveness, competitiveness, and is scalable, relationship oriented & free from outsourcing risks, for the clients.


Under this model, the roles & responsibilities relating to the outsourced process will be defined collaboratively and will be managed. The outsourced process/ Project will be managed by the client and he will be responsible for the components of the Project management like Transition Management, Quality Management, Performance Management & Governance while we will be responsible for managing the IT infrastructure & support services, Back office operations like HR functions, Facilities Management etc. are a part of our role and responsibilities. This Model, further, ensures greater outsourcing clarity, IT project & real time visibility, transparency and greater degree of risk management.


In short, our Clients get all the advantages of a dedicated Offshore captive centre (like High Quality & timely delivery, better performance, smooth transition, etc), without the pitfalls (Entity issues like HR, Administration, regulatory issue, legal, Tax, Accounts, etc.) of having established their own entity in the Offshore jurisdictions.


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