AerenBPO has been providing knowledge services since 1988. We are located in Chandigarh, 160 miles from New Delhi (Capital of India) towards North. Chandigarh has been declared as “India’s most preferred IT destination” (Source: NASSCOM – ATKEARNEY and Gartner).


We have transformed outsourcing services & provide domain expertise in various verticals/sectors by ensuring greater accuracy, high quality, faster processing, and cost effectiveness. We leverage our tenets of quality and innovation, the best people talent and self sustaining process framework to deliver long term benefits and measurable high value to our customers.


Vision, Mission & Value Statement


Vision: To “Transform Outsourcing Services”.


Mission: To deliver long term benefits and measurable value to our customers by leveraging our:


  1. Tenets of quality and innovation
  2. Best people talent
  3. Self sustaining processes framework
  4. Cutting edge technology
  5. Domain knowledge & expertise


Value: Our value proposition is to ensure cost effective and efficient business operations by delivering technology enabled business solutions.


Our long term objective is to guarantee our clients, to deliver maximum values through cost savings, enhanced productivity with the highest standard of quality and continuous process improvement and cutting edge technology. We deliver value for money through our proven flexible and transparent delivery and engagement model. We believe in building long term relationship and long-lasting strategic partnership. We have sufficient experience and expertise needed to help enterprises in transforming their business. We deliver technology enabled business solutions to our clients. We have extensive technological capabilities which are duly complimented by deep domain / industry knowledge and expertise.


We have been investing extensively in gaining expertise for managing complex processes and translating this knowledge into creating a delivery structure that maximizes customer value while minimizing operational risks.


Our Approach:


  1. Cost reduction through enhancement of productivity, innovation, cutting edge technology and best practices
  2. Hire best talents from respective industries and their development through continuous education and training programmes
  3. Highest standard of quality to ensure defect free services
  4. Enhancement of total performance through ongoing technology transformation, process re-engineering and continuous process improvement
  5. Flexible and transparent delivery and engagement model
  6. Enhancing security, privacy and confidentiality
  7. Robust governance
  8. Risk mitigation through robust risk management framework