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We work as a Performance enhancement partner to help banks gain unique insights from customer data and process transactions in a straight through manner and assess risk and take proactive action.


Outsourcing to us is expected to bring cost savings of about 30-50% through productivity enhancement and process improvement. We also assist our clients to identify revenue streams.


A combination of tested methodologies, continuous quality improvement and extensive technical and domain knowledge enables us to deliver substantial benefits to our clients.


  1. Credit Assessment for retail loans: This includes document verification, income documents’ checking, eligibility calculation, credit assessment/approvals, data capture and PDC management for vehicle, home, consumer and education loans.
  2. Deposit application processing: This includes scrutiny of DSA reports, documentation checking, data input, signature scanning and issuance of cheque books.
  3. Debit/Credit card processing: This includes data input, data verification, card production and preparing mailer packs for dispatch.
  4. ATM back end Reconciliation: This includes solving problems relating to the mismatch in cash balance.
  5. Monitoring of ATMs: This includes coordination with branches when ATM is down, monitoring of down time, reporting on internal and external network transactions, uploading and downloading files, printing of reports and backups.
  6. MasterCard reconciliation: This includes reconciling transactions between the banks’ software and MasterCard and advising accounting entries.
  7. DSA Payments: This includes processing of direct selling agent invoices, linking with actual business done and advising branches the amount to be paid, also, maintaining a complete record of the same.
  8. Offsite ATM Reconciliation: This includes 100% transaction checking between the ATM scrolls and the transaction report.
  9. Storage and record-keeping of ATM scrolls.
  10. Data capture for e-banking and tele-banking application forms.
  11. Storage and record-keeping of all deposit, debit card, e-banking application forms.



The AEREN advantage


  1. Vast experience in technology implementation
  2. World class capabilities and expertise in process improvement techniques
  3. Substantial cost saving through productivity enhancement and process improvements
  4. Risk litigation through robust control environment
  5. Regulatory compliance
  6. Deep domain and industry expertise
  7. Best practices